Welcome to our wedding packages page.  Please choose from one of the options below:

1. Starting wedding package: from £997 and includes a full day’s shoot + 30 Page 11 x 8 Inch Crystal Album

ASC1TZPD50-300 ASC2TZPD40-300 ASC3TZPD30-300    

2. Shoot and only pictures package: £997 and includes a full day’s shoot + Pen drive containing all images we display on the gallery (typically 500+ images of the day!).

3. Fine art album package: Full day’s shoot + 30 Page 8 x 8 Inch Fine Art Album from £1197. This album has a cotton based paper that provides a matt finish.

Wedding-Album-Image-LXFA3TZPD50-300 Wedding-Album-Image-LXFA1TZPD100-300 Wedding-Album-Image-LXFA2TZPD50-300    

4. Waterford Package: Full day’s shoot + 30 Page 12 x 12 Inch Waterford Album. From £1397.

Wedding-Album-Image-LXPE1TZPD50-300 Wedding-Album-Image-LXPE2TZPD100-300 Wedding-Album-Image-LXPE3TZPD100-300    

5. Storybook Album by the world renowned Graphi Studio of Italy. Full day’s shoot + 30 Page 10 x 13 inch Brushed Metal Graphi Album from £1397

Graphistudio-Wedding-Album-Image-GR1TZPD100-300 Graphistudio-Wedding-Album-Image-GR2TZPD50-300 Graphistudio-Wedding-Album-Image-GR3TZPP80-300    

6. Our Ultimate Package: Graphi Storybook album + a memory stick of all images.  Full day’s shoot + 30 Page 10 x 13 inch beautiful leather bound and brushed metal album from £1597.


Extra pages can be added to any album and these are charged at £10 per page (there must be an even number of pages added).

A non-refundable deposit of £200 secures your booking.

We offer additional pages per album and several wedding album styles, please contact us for all our wedding package options.