Do you include a pre wedding shoot?

A pre wedding shoot is a useful and often important day as a part of your booking.  If you are nervous about being photographed or you are unsure of how you will feel in front of the camera, then the pre wedding shoot will help you become used to having your picture taken and you will also become more relaxed with the photographers.  This will help on the day of the wedding as you will know what to expect.

If you would like a pre wedding shoot, then we will arrange for a very informal and fun hour or two, which will leave you feeling more relaxed in front of camera.

How long will you stay with us on our wedding day?

I will be with you for the full day, from bridal preparation to the first dance.  It is a long day but this is all included as my time is flexible.  Depending upon travelling time and distance, I may also spend time with the groom before the ceremony but this may not be possible so it is best to discuss this with me beforehand.

How many photographs will be taken?

There isn’t a fixed number  of photographs as the quantity is dependent on a lot of factors that are beyond the control of the photographer such as weather, travelling time between locations, the policy of the registrar or clergyman (especially for church weddings), the size of the reception venue and available time between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast.

Do you take formal groups as well as candid photographs?

Yes and to ensure these go smoothly I will work from a pre-agreed list.  This is to ensure that we can limit the time required for these photographs and you and your guests can enjoy the day as much as possible.  I will ask your ushers and/or best man to assist with gathering the necessary guests.

What do you do about eating on the day?

I will be with you all day and would prefer to obtain refreshments at your chosen venue to avoid leaving and finding somewhere nearby before returning.  I do not expect to be a part of the wedding breakfast and would prefer to eat in a room nearby.  I need to be on hand to photograph the speeches and any ‘ad hoc’ requests (it does happen!).

How many photographs will we see?

Most weddings produce 250+ fantastic images.  All images will be placed in an online gallery for you to view.  This usually happens within two weeks of the wedding.

Can we print our own photographs?

You can purchase for an additional fee a high resolution laser etched memory stick of images without watermark and permission to print.  For best results I recommend that you have any pictures professionally printed. Note,  if you have purchased the Ultimate Package or the Shoot and only pictures package, you will receive a the memory stick of high-resolution images as a part of the package.  See our packages page here:

How many photographs make a great album?

This depends a lot on the type of album that you choose and your preferred style, but as a guide 60 images fit comfortably in a typical 30 page album.  Additional pages can be added to an album for £10 per page.

How much can we expect to pay in total?

In order to keep things simple the price list covers attendance at the wedding, initial image processing and the cost of one album.  You can then purchase additional products such as parent albums, prints and wall art at a later date.

Extra prints and albums seem expensive?

I will only use quality professional printers and album producers for all my clients.  Unfortunately the saying is true “you get what you pay for”.

What are your terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions form the contract between the photographer and the person hiring them for the wedding.  They can be found here: Terms and Conditions

What equipment do you use?

I use Canon digital cameras and Canon professional L series lenses.  This equipment allows me to photograph subjects in all lighting conditions, from bright light to candle light.  However, it is the skill of the photographer that is important rather than the equipment used.

How much digital manipulation goes into the pictures?

All images are checked for tone, colour and contrast, and most images are then amended slightly to ensure quality.  This ensures we can also produce black and white picture options as well.
I can reduce blemishes, lines and alter other areas of a photograph (such as teeth whitening) if required.  Please let me know if you would like me to do this as it is all a part of the image processing service we provide.
If you would like any complex manipulation, please ask for a quotation.

How will we choose our album photographs?

You can choose the files from the online gallery or the “Facebook Ready” disc as both media show the file name.  I will provide a simple form that will allow you to note down the pictures you wish included.
I can also arrange for a proof book with all your images for an additional fee.

How long will our album it take to arrive?

All of my albums are professionally printed and bound.  Delivery takes typically six to eight weeks from when you have chosen your album pictures and agreed to the final album design.

Will our pictures go onto the internet?

Your pictures will be available for viewing via a private viewing gallery.  A very small selection of images will be placed on my blog and Facebook page for your friends and family to enjoy within a few days. If you would prefer for this not to happen just let me know.

How do we book you?

I prefer to arrange to meet you both first.  It is essential that we get on well on your wedding day and that my style of photography is what you are looking for.  Please give me a ring or send me an enquiry to arrange this.  Once we have arranged to meet I will hold your wedding date for you.  Your date can then be secured by paying a deposit fee and returning your signed booking form.