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Izzy and Jake Engagement Party at Somerset House

Allison and I were invited to the engagement party of Izzy Warren and Jake Green at Somerset House, a local venue in Chesterfield Derbyshire.  Izzy and Jake are getting married next year and are busy ensuring all the preparations are ready for their wedding day.

The party was a lot of fun and we took many pictures of the revellers and children who seemed to have boundless energy!  A sample of the pictures follow and the full gallery link can be found here (Izzy and Jake have the password):

Thank you for asking us Izzy and Jake!

Engagement Picture of Izzy and Jake


Engagement picture of Izzy and two friends

Engagement picture from Izzy and Jakes party

Engagement picture from the party of Izzy and JakeEngagement party picture of a young lad

Engagement Party picture from Izzy and Jakes evening